Sustainable travel through Europe

The Railteam alliance pays special attention to environmental issues and sustainable development. Our engineers and technicians are working tirelessly to further reduce CO2 emissions. Travelling by high-speed train produces up to 90% less CO2 emissions than comparable means of transport (air, road).

Railteam members' trains run on electricity and therefore emit virtually no CO2. In addition, the amount of CO2 generated by rail transport depends on the energy generation mix within rail networks. In fact, emissions are reduced all the more in the countries where Railteam operates as the members of the alliance make increasing use of renewable energy sources. What's more, trains also generate energy. The energy generated during braking is transformed into electrical energy and fed back into the rail network through the contact lines. This electrical energy can then be reused by other trains.

About Railteam

With this alliance, Europe’s leading high-speed railways create real added value for passengers whilst offering optimal travel options throughout Western Europe that are unrivalled by any other mode of transport in terms of speed, price and comfort.

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Route map

Find our more about Railteam's high-speed network in Europe. The map also depicts stations where a lounge exists.

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Railteam's high-speed trains

Reach your destination quickly with high-speed trains operated by the members of the Railteam alliance. Discover detailed information and technical specifications for each train.

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