Eurostar, the European high-speed rail service offers seamless and sustainable train travel that connects the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany on direct and indirect routes.

As the backbone of sustainable rail travel in Europe, Eurostar serves the major Railteam hubs within these countries to smoothly connect travellers to many major cities across Europe. Together, they offer hassle-free city centre to city centre connections between some of Europe’s most iconic business and leisure destinations.

The Railteam partnership provides a sustainable travel option throughout these cities to connect people, places, cultures and businesses to the European high-speed network. Railteam and Eurostar are committed making journeys across Europe green, effortless, and unforgettable.

The new Eurostar was launched to customers on 1st October 2023 and is the joining of Eurostar and Thalys, together they connect five countries and aim to carry 30 million passengers a year by 2030.


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