Deutsche Bahn (DB)

With more than 500 ICE and Intercity trains, DB Fernverkehr AG transports more than 350,000 passengers to their destination every day. It provides rapid, comfortable and environmentally friendly travel in Germany and 14 other European countries. With its "Germany needs Strong Rail" strategy, DB AG aims to double the number of long-distance passengers to 260 million a year and become a critical partner in achieving Europe's climate targets by transferring traffic to rail, an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Every train journey with DB Fernverkehr AG is an active contribution towards climate neutrality; not least thanks to a 100% share of renewable power, expanded investments in modern, energy-efficient trains and CO₂-neutral maintenance in a growing number of maintenance depots.

DB Fernverkehr AG wants to offer its passengers the best possible journey. With more than 19,000 employees, it operates a dense network of more than 1,600 train journeys a day in Germany and connects many regions of the country with its fleet of vehicles. In addition to its national services, it offers - mainly through cooperative ventures - more than 250 cross-border connections a day to about 200 European cities. Ten maintenance depots and around 170 provisioning locations throughout Germany ensure that DB Fernverkehr AG's trains are ready for use.

Deutsche Bahn ICE 3 (Class 406) "Europa"
Deutsche Bahn ICE 3 (Class 407)
Deutsche Bahn ICE 4 (Class 412)


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