Services on your journey

Multilingual staff

Multilingual staff are on hand in stations and on board trains to provide assistance throughout your journey.

Frequent travellers 

If you are enrolled in a Railteam operator's frequent traveller loyalty scheme, you will enjoy benefits across the entire network. You can enjoy the comfort and services offered in the lounges.

On-board service

Railteam alliance members are committed to meeting the quality standards that guarantee your comfort and well-being throughout your journey:

  • wide, comfortable seats
  • soundproof carriages
  • folding tray tables and numerous power sockets
  • areas reserved for families, 
  • snacks and light meals served at your seat on most trains¹
  • facilities for passengers with reduced mobility
  • passenger information in several languages (on-board crew speak local languages as well as English).

¹ Depending on your choice of travel class and member company.

Hop on the next available train

HOTNAT is a Gentlemen's Agreement between Railteam members, making it easier to continue your journey in the event of cancellation or delay.

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Whether you need to work or just want to relax, the wait will seem shorter in one of our comfortable lounges.

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Information in Real Time

Railteam members work closely together to ensure that passengers have a pleasant and comfortable journey. This includes providing real-time data on the punctuality of high-speed trains throughout their route.

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