As one of Europe’s leading railway companies, ÖBB is constantly investing in the extension of the high-speed network and the modernisation of its trains. Our main goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers, so there are certain things we put at the heart of our services: seamless travel and improved connections across Europe, easier access to multilingual information, helping customers find the best offers and providing benefits for frequent travellers throughout the whole Railteam network.

We have also been operating our ÖBB railjet trains since December 2008. These benefit from a top design and a dynamic appearance, offering our customers creative solutions and comfort on their journey within the Railteam network, helping define a new standard in long-distance train transport. With a maximum speed of 230km/h these high-speed trains provide quick and easy connections between numerous cities and countries.

We are also aware that quality for our customers must mean environmental quality too. ÖBB and all Railteam members are the answer for environment-friendly, long-distance, high-speed train travel within Europe.

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