DB Bahn

As part of Deutsche Bahn Group, DB is involved in cargo transportation and logistics as well as infrastructure and services; we keep Germany moving. From our home market, we serve customers in 130 countries around the globe, with particularly close links to our European neighbours.

We are committed to playing our part in the European high-speed network with passion and perfection. Hosting three of the five Railteam hubs (Frankfurt, Cologne and Stuttgart) within our domestic network, we are responsible for a major part of Europe’s cross-border traffic. With more than 250 ICEs we offer a close-knit network across Germany’s urban centres and also link the country to its neighbours in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark. Step on board one of our flagship ICEs and experience the combination of comfort, reliability, safety, speed and style for yourself. Our crews look forward to welcoming you.

Quality is not just a question of comfort and speed of course, but also one of the responsible management of resources. This is why environment-friendly, long-distance, high-speed travel is such a big concern to DB and all Railteam partners. Make the right choice for you and the environment; travel Europe by Railteam.

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