About Railteam B.V.

The Railteam Alliance

  • Founded 2 July 2007 in Brussels
  • Full members:
    • DB and SNCF (each 20%)
    • SNCB, Eurostar, NS International, ÖBB, SBB and THI Factory (10%)
  • Associated members:
    • TGV Lyria
    • DB-SNCF in cooperation
  • Railteam B.V. is a jointly financed legal entity headquartered in Amsterdam in the Netherlands led by two Directors
  • Railteam director : Olivier Roy (SNCF)

Shareholders’ Meeting

  • Members (CEO’s of Passenger Traffic and Long-Distance Traffic Divisions; Heads of International Traffic Departments):
    – Marco Kampp (DB),
    – Jean-Baptiste Guenot (SNCF),
    – Armin Weber (SBB),
    – Michel Jadot (SNCB), Philippe Bulinckx (SNCB),
    – Heike Luiten (NS International), Kaj Mook (NS),
    – Nick Mercer (Eurostar),
    – Kurt Bauer (ÖBB),
    – Agnès Ogier (THI Factory).
  • Meeting frequency: 2 times per year