The fastest train connections

Rapid train connections from A to B: this clear illustration shows just how little time a journey takes with our high-speed trains.

From Cologne Cathedral to Paris city centre in just 3:15 hours – no other mode of transport in the world can beat the Railteam Alliance trains. Even long distances, such as the nearly 1000 km journey from the Belgian capital of Brussels to Avignon in the south of France, can be covered by our trains in just 4:18 hours. For shorter distances, Railteam Alliance journey times can hardly be beaten.

And always remember: with our trains, you arrive directly in the city centre. Forget about transfers from airports on the outskirts, don’t bother with annoying and time-consuming searches for a parking space in the centre, instead simply relax while the train whisks you there at 300 km per hour.

From To Best Travel Time
London Paris 02:16
Bruxelles Avignon 04:17
Paris Stuttgart 03:39
Wien München 04:04
Bruxelles Paris 01:20
Frankfurt Amsterdam 03:56
Paris Genève 03:05
London Bruxelles 02:01
Köln Paris 03:14
Frankfurt Basel 02:49