Railteam services

Good service is essential to ensure guests enjoy their time on board. Well before your journey commences, our alliance provides a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Information in real time

The Railteam Mobile application can be downloaded free of charge to a smartphone and lets users access all timetables provided by Railteam train operators, updated in real time.

Information points in stations

Information points and signage in English and the local language are provided at major stations with international connections.

Multilingual personnel

Multilingual personnel are on hand at stations and on board trains to assist you throughout the journey.

“Hop on the next available train” (HOTNAT)

Hop on the next available train » (HOTNAT) allows travelers to take the next high-speed service leaving from the same station as originally planned when a delay on or cancellation of a preceding Railteam member’s high-speed service prevents them from making their originally-planned connection.* This service is free of charge and is subject to the following conditions : the connection that was missed must be between two high-speed trains of the Railteam Alliance. HOTNAT only applies at the station at which the passenger originally planned to change trains and in cases of train delays and train cancellations. The approval of HOTNAT is subject to the available capacity on board each train. Seats are not guaranteed.

Frequent travellers

Customers holding a top-tier frequent-traveller card in combination with a cross-border ticket valid for the date in question can opt to use the network’s member lounges, which are ideal for working or simply relaxing.


* Available in Paris between the stations Paris Nord, Paris Est, Paris Gare de Lyon and Paris Montparnasse. These are considered as one station for this service.