NS Hispeed

NS Hispeed, the high-speed train operator in the Netherlands, is a modern, ambitious company with a revolutionary product: a rapid, comfortable and reliable form of transport for leisure and business travellers as well as commuters. Our vision is based on carefree travel, offering easy booking of train tickets as well as a fast and comfortable way of travelling across Europe.

What’s more, once the high-speed line from Amsterdam to Brussels is completed, a train journey from Amsterdam to Paris will take just 3h 13, to Brussels just 1h 46 and to London 3h 45.

In the environmental context, high demands are made on transport these days, and rightly so. Awareness is growing about the enormous burden it places on the environment, and compared to many other transport options, high-speed trains certainly present an attractive alternative in this regard.

Research has shown that the train is the most environmentally efficient option for medium to long distances; fewer delays and traffic jams mean less CO2 production, benefiting both the consumer and the environment.

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