TGV Lyria

On-board services

TGV Lyria offers a variety of services to make your journey more enjoyable:

Lyria offers three travel classes for a more refined segmentation:

BUSINESS 1ST – A personalised, premium travel experience
Offered in a special car, this product is firmly focused on quality, targeting a clientèle in search of an exclusive and personalised experience for maximum comfort and freedom.
Lines included: Paris / Geneva, Paris / Basel / Zurich. Our crew is at your service for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner (depending on the departure time of your TGV Lyria). For your comfort, TGV Lyria offers a selection of international newspapers and magazines in French, English and German.

STANDARD 1STThis product is ideal for customers looking for the best comfort/price ratio: the comfort of a premium seat at an optimum price. Our crew provides in-seat sales service for even greater comfort. French-Swiss products are available for purchase.
Lines included: all lines

STANDARD – The leisure class.
A flexible offering for all our customers looking for the best price without compromising value. Our crew provides in-seat sales service with a wide selection of quality products.
Lines included: all lines.

French-Swiss products available to all in the buffet car
A friendly and trendy ambiance makes this dining area a true meeting place where passengers can enjoy fresh, savoury dishes. This space also hosts special events for French and Swiss holidays.

In-seat sales service for STANDARD 1st and STANDARD passengers
Our crew provides in-seat sales service with a wide selection of quality products.
The service is available on all our lines, except Geneva/Marseille and Paris/Bern.

Maintenance of common areas throughout the journey
Our crew works to keep the common areas clean through a refreshment and waste collection service.

Power sockets
To help you work or play on your laptop or mobile phone, we have installed power sockets in all our lines.

Taxi booking
Take advantage of our taxi booking service for your arrival in Paris. Contact the TGV Lyria on-board manager directly, who will book your taxi for you. There is no additional booking fee, and the pick-up and drop-off costs are paid to the driver directly.

Always at your service to make your journey easier, whether you are travelling 1st or 2nd class

  • A bilingual or trilingual French-Swiss on-board crew
  • A buffet car located in the centre of the train
  • RATP metro tickets available for purchase in the buffet car for a smoother transfer in Paris

Practical information

You can book your ticket to travel on TGV Lyria trains up to 4 months before your travel date. To take advantage of the best fares, always try to book your ticket as early as possible.